(DVDR44018)  DVD-Recordable 4.7 GB / 8X (10-pack with sleeve)


  • Contains Ultra Premium quality DVD-Recordable 4.7GB media
  • Compatible only with general DVD recorders for consumers, such as Pioneer A03 or Apple SuperDrive.
  • Generic, plain top surface with smooth, white finish is ideal for custom logo printing.
  • For playback, both media are compatible with any DVD video player or DVD-ROM drives.
  • Css encrypted video programs cannot be stored on either type of DVD-R media.
  • Lifetime recorded media integrity. One-year warranty.

Precautions for Handling DVD-R Media
Before recording -- Optimize your hard drive! Check your recording software specs. Never touch either recording surface on top or bottom. Hold the DVD-R along the edges only. Damaging either surface will cause recording errors. For best results, record at lowest possible or single speed.

After recording -- Write only on the center hub of the DVD-R media or symmetric DVD-R label with a soft marker. Never use a hard point pen on the DVD-R. Do not use small stickers which can cause imbalance. Non-acrylic glue can damage the media. Clean with a soft, dry cloth and store at room temperature away from direct sunlight.

The most consistent and reliable part of your DVD recording is the DVD-R media. All of our DVD-R media are made identically in 100,000 unit volumes. It is unlikely that a single DVD-R media in your package is defective. Please make sure that your hard drive, DVD recorder, recording software and PC are in proper working order.




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