Here are a few ways that you can build relationships with your coworkers from home.

Communicate (And Listen) Often And Well. That means going beyond just the daily Slack check-ins on progress. Let your coworkers know about areas in which they could improve, and don’t forget to really and truly hear (or read) what they have to say. Active listening is just as important as communicating effectively yourself.

Create Channels For Building Strong Teams. Strong teams mean increased productivity and satisfaction from employees. To build strong teams, build channels for those teams to use to communicate throughout the day.

Find Opportunities For Coworkers To Socialize Online. To get coworkers relating to one another, make online coffee hours (or happy hours!), contests, competitions and classes. Coworkers who have fun together work well together!

At Computer Depot Business Solutions, we find some of our techs occasionally working from home and we have two locations so building employee bond can be difficult. We use Teams and have two different channels just for the employees to share things happening in their life. We also plan 2 employee only events a year and 2 family events so that everyone can get together.