Keeping Your Kids Safe Online

Thomas Hill and Wes Bruce of CD Technology talk about keeping kids safe on the internet while working from home. With very little notice schools were closed and kids were forced to work from home. We talk about the wild west of the internet and the best practices in making sure your kids stay safe while they spend so much time in front of a screen.

PPP Forgiveness

Thomas Hill of CD Technology and Teresa Lipman of Tick Tock Tax service talk about PPP loan forgiveness. We talk about the most commonly asked questions concerning this confusing program and the pitfalls that you as a business owner needs to know.

Small Business Insurance Q&A

Thomas Hill of CD Technology and Michael Crain of Crain Insurance talk about Cyber Security Insurance and what you need to be thinking about when it comes to keeping your business safe from cyber criminals.

Social Media Marketing How to

Thomas Hill from CD Technology and Tracy Taylor from TNT Marketing talk about the do’s and don’ts of social media marketing during a worldwide pandemic.  It is the perfect time to market yourself online.  Continue to post and post often.  People are at home being on social media more.  The internet has no business hours.  A large social media presence is important because it’s one of the last ways to conduct cost-effective marketing.  Small businesses need to use social medical platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Google Business Account.  Besides posting make sure you are liking, sharing and commenting on other small business to develop supportive relationships between the businesses.  What are the important metrics that you need to watch?  How do you get a more bang for your buck?  What do you do when you find yourself in the middle of a social media crisis?  What is the #1 thing you should be doing right now?

3 Crucial Mistakes You don't want to make with your email

During this video Thomas Hill and Wes Bruce talk about email deliverability and how to make sure that your marketing emails make it to your customers and not there trash can.

4 things to survive COVID

Business owners Thomas and Rebekah Hill Talk about what it takes to survive a business interruption. In this case they talk about how CD Technology survived shut downs during COVID - 19. But these principles are good to roll out during any business disaster.

5 must haves to keep your data backup safe

Join Thomas Hill and Wes Bruce from CD Technology on the 5 must haves to keep your backup data safe. What happens when you have ransonware? They discuss how a rogue employee can damage your company. Is One drive, Google drive and drop box a great backup for my business? How can I prevent a data breach? These are questions that they will answer for you. They will discuss how important managed services are including, file backup, cloud backup, server backup, and firewalls.

Cyber Security Training Oct 2020

Join Thomas Hill and Wes Bruce from CD Technology review cyber security for your small business.  Your employees are your number one threat when it comes to hackers. Do your employees know how to spot a hacker?  Social Engineering is one of the most common ways that a hacker can get access to your computer.  Almost half of American’s lost information from the Equifax hack that occurred 2 years ago.  Cyber criminals are gathering your information and selling it on the dark web.  We go over what is vishing and spoofing?  Do you have policies to protect your company from this?  Thomas goes over the 5 methods of Social Engineering: baiting, phishing, spear phishing, pretexting and scareware.  What is the proper steps to do if you find an unfamiliar flash drive laying around?  If you get a strange or unfamiliar email, we go over steps to do to catch phishing emails.  Amazon and Paypal are two companies that are being in phishing emails to get you to click on a link.  CD Technology has programs in place that can help keep your business more secure.

How to Keep Teams Connected While Working from Home?

Join Thomas Hill and Wes Bruce from CD Technology as they discuss ways to keep your team connected while working virtually. Is a popular file sharing program what your business needs? What are the pros and cons of certain file sharing programs? Can these programs be used as your main source of cloud backup for your business? What file sharing program is HIPAA compliant? If you company has Office 365, what group chat program can you use? Thomas goes over the importance of using an email domain for your business email. Is it important to use an email hosting service such as G suite or Office 365? VoIP, or voice over IP, has become a way to keep your team connect by having their cell phone and laptop work as a business phone.