Hackers are looking for different ways to attack.  One device that we do not think about protecting is our cell phone.  Here is one quick tip that can help keep your device protected.

If you want to protect your smartphone from being hacked, all you have to do is turn your phone off and back on again. Does that sound overly simplistic and cliché? Probably. Does it work? Absolutely.

The reason that simply turning your phone off and on again can thwart hackers is because, historically, hacking has been a game of persistence. Keep at it for long enough, and a person’s security protocols will eventually give.

However, with smartphones, hackers have found that they don’t need to be persistent because most of us never shut off our devices. Thus, hacking smartphones has become a much more attractive option for cybercriminals.

By simply turning your phone off and back on again regularly, you give cybercriminals far fewer opportunities to hack your device, and they’ll likely move on to try and hack a smartphone that stays on continually.

Considering how low-tech this solution is, there’s no reason that anyone with a smartphone shouldn’t be doing it.

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