We love to Garden!  Not just because we love fresh food that we have grown but for us, it is truly therapeutic!  Gardening provides perspective.  We garden as a family.  While tomatoes, peppers, squash, beans, and cucumbers are the stars, our kids enjoying growing peas, carrots, super long pole beans, and zinnias.  We love that they will eat all those veggies they helped grow.  We also love the lessons we learn in the garden.  Lessons that are sometimes about life and running a business.  Here are just a few.

Have a plan. Work the plan.  Otherwise you will end up having a big jumbled mess to deal with.  Every task will take infinitely longer to complete and you will waste time repeating tasks and fixing mistakes.

Get Your Hands Dirty.  Sure, there will be things you want or need someone else to do, but if you are going to grow and build something of value and really own it, you have to get your hands dirty.

Take care of the problems while they are small.  Do not wait until the problem has sucked the life out of everything around it.

Share the harvest.  Bless others.  Especially those less fortunate than you.  Share not only your fruit but share your knowledge and skills. Generosity is its own reward!