2024 Cyber Scams That Could Cost
Your Business $50,000 Or More

Speaker Thomas Hill

  • See why even the smallest business could lose money and customers
  • Learn about how small businesses in East Tennessee are targeted by Cyber criminals
  • See if your business has what it needs to STOP cyber criminals in their tracks

Join Thomas Hill from CD Technology on 2024 cyber scams that could cost your business $50,000 or more. With Hill's expertise and insights, participants can gain a comprehensive understanding of the latest tactics employed by cybercriminals to exploit vulnerabilities and perpetrate costly scams. By delving into real-world case studies and emerging trends, this webinar equips attendees with actionable strategies to mitigate risks, bolster cybersecurity posture, and safeguard critical assets. In an era where the financial stakes of cyber incidents are higher than ever, seizing the opportunity to attend this webinar is not just prudent—it's essential for protecting the financial integrity and resilience of your business.

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Who is Thomas Hill?

After graduating from East Tennessee State University, Thomas Hill was called “my computer guy” by so many people, he decided to turn his side gig into a real business. Thomas started CD Technology over 25 years ago with an entrepreneurial spirit and a willingness to do what it takes to build trust and loyalty one customer at a time. Cd Technology now services small and medium sized businesses all over East Tennessee. Thomas and his team of techs help protect small to medium sized business owners from the dangers of cyber crime and take away the daily worry of computer issues. Thomas has also become a respected voice for all things “tech.” He is a sought-after speaker for a wide range of technology topics.