Seymour, Tennessee – January2024 – CD Technology, an IT services company serving small business owners in East Tennessee, has earned the World-Class Customer eXperience Trained (WCCXT) certification.

This training was led by The DiJulius Group, whose consulting clients include Starbucks, Lexus, Ritz-Carlton, KeyBank, Nordstrom, Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department and many more.

To become certified, companies must go through three months of training and show that they’ve deployed the strategies in their business. Only a small percentage of those who go through the training, actually earn their certification because of the transformation it requires.

The WCCXT was specifically designed for IT companies and managed services firms to train their staff on advanced customer experience concepts so that they can provide better service to their clients and customers and make the often-confusing world of technology, easy to understand.

“So many small businesses in East Tennessee are underserved and unprotected from very real cyberthreats. Much of this is due to the IT industry’s failure to explain in very complex, technical terms in language that anyone can understand. CD Technology is committed to providing the best service to our local community and that meant training EVERYONE on how to present these issues in relevant ways to our clients so that they have the information they need to make the best decision instead of overwhelming them.

“We also realize that this industry is known for its terrible client communications which means when a business does have a problem, they could feel like they are left in the dark. Going through and becoming certified helped us to identify these gaps and we’re confident that we’ll be able to provide better service and a better experience than ever before.” – Thomas Hill, CEO and Founder, CD Technology.

To date, less than 1% of IT companies have earned the right to be WCCXT certified and it will soon be seen as the gold standard in the industry for those that value excellent service and experience.

About the Company

CD Technology has served East Tennessee area businesses for more than 25 years specializing in helping medical, financial and manufacturing sectors with all of their IT support needs. CD Technology has worked to provide fairly priced IT services to more than 100 businesses protecting them from cybercrime, helping them with compliance issues like HIPPA and CMMC and making sure their technology “just works” so that they can do their jobs and grow their business.